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Code in the Dark coming to Spokane

by Acetolyne published Apr 04, 2016 07:16 PM, last modified Apr 04, 2016 07:16 PM
code in the dark is coming to Spokane in May

Want to test your developer skills or just meet other developers here in Spokane? Well there is an event coming to Spokane on May 20, 2016 that will let you do just that! 

Code in the Dark is organized by Tictail. It is an event to test your HTML/CSS developer skills. The idea is they will give you a webpage to code and the competitors will try to code it without previewing the site they are building until the end of the contest, this means you can't look and see what your webpage looks like until the competition is complete. You will try to create an exact replica of the page they give you and when the competition is done the person that gets the page looking the closest to the page they want you to build wins. 

It sounds like allot of fun and a great way to network with other developers here in Spokane, I encourage everyone to try to go even if you don't want to compete in the competition everyone is welcome to show up and network with the others. Also if you want to compete you don't need to worry about bringing your laptop they have computers setup for you to use. 

Here are the rules they list:

  • Each contestant receives a bundle of the editor, which includes a screenshot of the page they should implement with HTML/CSS and any additional assets they might need.
  • No iframes, frameworks, snippets or other assets outside of the ones listed in the instructions are allowed. The site should be built from scratch during the competition.
  • The contestant should have the editor in full screen mode, and is never allowed to exit out of it or use any measurement tools.
  • Previews of the results are strictly forbidden until the time is over.
  • Once the 15 minute timer runs out each contestant presents their result to the audience, who then vote on their favorite to decide the winner.


If you want more info you can check out their event page at

Or check out Hack in the Dark over on github 

If you want a reminder then you can download the event to your phone from our website's event page.