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Get Connected

by admin published Aug 12, 2015 12:35 AM, last modified Jan 23, 2018 10:45 AM
Ways to connect with Spokane 2600 members

Want to stay connected with Spokane 2600 members and events? There is many ways you can do it.


Use your favorite IRC client to connect with us   #2600


Server: Spokane 2600

Invite link:

Social Sites:

Twitter: @spokane2600



Website members can check out our Forums and leave us a message


Check out our site wide RSS feed at


You can join the announcement email list for any changes or updates or other meetings of interest in the area.

or send a blank email to

Send an email to the website admin:


Of course the best way to meet the members is to join us for one of our meetings. Meetings are on the first Friday of every month at 5 P.M. Feel free to join us later if you can't be there right at 5. Meeting end about 8 P.M. We hold open discussions on many topics including but not limited to computers, computer security, robotics, satellites, smart phones, programming, electronics and more.

New members are encouraged to come and check the meetings out.

More information and a map available in the About section of our website.