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April 7th Meeting Notes

by Spokane 2600 Webmaster published Apr 08, 2017 02:55 AM, last modified Apr 08, 2017 03:05 AM
Topics discussed at the monthly Spokane 2600 meeting...

Spokane 2600 Meeting Notes

Our sites still coming back online due to the consequences of the Spammergate fiasco at Tierpoint in Liberty Lake, Washington

The huge outage last month. End of E-insites.

Wireless triangulation system for Search & Rescue

Civilian aviation

Rural WISP 8 mile by 12 mile area. (Wireless Internet Service provider).

UUnet, WorldCom.

Albion Telephone Company (ATC)

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment Interactive Community Platform starting to launch now. / E-Insites out of business page.

Ongoing Spammergate repercussions, lawsuits filed March 21st and pending in Spokane courts as of April 6th.

Kernel stuffing & DDoS for spamming 

Linux Kernel flaw, with permissions escalation and DDoS fixed after 7+ years!

OAuth/2 Challenges

NodeBB / NodeJS, MediaWiki, Wordpress, PHP, and security concerns.

Setup of Ubunutu 16 LTS

OpenSuse LEAP 42.1 and many problems with it. Hawke rolled back to 13.2.

Asus ROG, Hawke's happiness with it.

Another member's happiness with his Alienware.

Setup issues with MediaWiki on Ubuntu 16 LTS

Install and use of Linux Mint

Install and use of Cent OS 7

And many other topics!

See you all online, and next month!










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